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Macro water drop photography

Click for full size imageSince posting some "water drop" macro photos in the Samples Gallery, I've had a few of our members ask how it was done.

So, here's the setup (click on the photo to view at full size). The shots were taken with a 70-200mm lens on a Nikon D2x. A Canon 500D close-up filter on the lens allowed me to work at a "safe" distance (about 10 inches) while still getting in close.

Three strobes were used to light the water surface and freeze the droplets ... one on camera (master), one at top left to highlight the drops, and one below the water glass equipped with gels to add the color.

The tricky part was timing each shot to capture droplets just as they hit the water surface. I improvised with a tripod-mounted turkey baster to get a slow stream of drops (about 1 per second) and triggered the shutter with a remote release. Even with careful timing only about 1 in 5 shots captured the drops.

Visit my Water Drop gallery to see some of the water drop macros.

If you'd like to learn more about the technique, feel free to post your questions or comments in our forum.

Reno Balloon Races

Click for full size imageHere's the event I have waited for since moving to Nevada. This event started in 1984 with just 20 entries and over the years it's grown and this years entries have topped to over 100. People come from all over and the activities run from Thursday to Sunday. So Friday I packed up my gear the night before and was up and out the door for the Glow Show which started at 4:30...that's AM.LOL Parking was crazy and the walk through the park in the dark, in mud and dodging the sprinklers running and down small hill slopes was adventure but just beyond the trees you could see the glow and hear the spectators. What a crowd for so early in the morning, hundreds of people! I managed to get a few pictures of the Glow show but fumbling with settings in the dark this was my best save of the predawn balloon lighting. So many people with camera's and video recorders taking in the show. I loved seeing all the cell phones in the air trying to capture the main attraction.

If you are ever thinking of coming to Nevada in September this is one show you definitely want to see. It's spectacular!!!

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