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Ode to a friend...

Click for full size imageI just wanted to post a tribute to my friend John Dittrich. Many of you know John under his nickname "Zertie." He used to post regularly until earlier this year. Unbenounced to me, he had a very aggressive form of Melanoma that spread to the rest of his system. He didn't tell any of his photography friends that he was sick. He was called back to God November 23rd, 2007.
He was a sweet, terribly funny, incredibly talented man...and there is a void out there in the world with him gone. I met him back in 2003 on another photography forum. I will always be grateful for his friendship, his humor, and his "outsider" insight into photography that I will miss so very much.
He had a funny line for everything... By posting this self portrait of his, I kinda feel like I'm pulling the curtain back on the wizard, but I believe he deserves true credit where its due. :)
Godspeed John.

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