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Mon Apr 23 2007 4:57 pm
Join in! What's YOUR favorite photo?

To encourage more activity on our forum, here's a question everyone can respond to...

Which LANDSCAPE photo on PixArtWeb is your favorite so far? You can pick one from our PHOTOS gallery (under review) or our WINNERS gallery, and be sure to include a short note about what makes it your favorite.

To make sharing favorites easy, I've added a new box in the post reply form named "Gallery Photo" where you can enter the "Pix Number" of the photo you chose, and it will then appear in your post along with the title and photographer's name.

To find the "Pix Number", just hold your mouse over the full-size photo in the Detail View. (The number also appears at the end of the URL if your broswer doesn't support the photo title display.)

I'll start with one of my Landscape favorites by Michael Whitson. This image is wonderfully composed and pulls the viewer into the scene; I'd love to be that lone bystander sipping coffee as the rain begins.

"Morning cup of coffee" by Michael Whitson

Michael Whitson
Tue Apr 24 2007 12:25 pm
Re: Join in! What's YOUR favorite photo?

Thanks, for show casing my work and your comments. This is one of my favorite shots too and is hanging on my wall at home.
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