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Sarah H. (sh)
    Arizona, USA
Originally from Minneapolis Minnesota, Sarah is a working artist currently finishing her BFA at Arizona State University. She has exhibited her work at Clemens Munsinger Gardens (MN), the Annual BirdxBird Exhibition (Group Exhibition), Minneapolis Institute of Arts (Group Exhibition), and in student exhibitions at St. Cloud State University, Minnesota.
Sarah writes, "The works I produce are intimate, private glances into watery reflections, gardens, and landscapes that capture the tiny details, the flaws of nature that most people would disregard. My photographs capture these images through limited depth of field, double exposure, and visualizations distorted through water and shadow. What captivates me most about photography is its extensive possibilities for capturing fleeting moments, moods, and atmosphere in a fraction of a second."
Sarah H.

Michael W. aka Hikin' Mike (hm)
    Oregon, USA
Michael is a seasoned nature photographer who exhibits and sells his photographs in numerous craft and art shows in the states of Oregon and Washington.
He writes, "My name is Michael (aka Hikin_mike) and I was born in Oregon. My photography started by being a hobby of a hobby. Friends and family would ask what adventure I was off to next and would there be pictures. They were the driving force to motivate me to showcase the beauty I captured. In my free time, I have the need to be out and about in the great outdoors from hiking, back packing and camping to coming to a junction in a road and taking a left turn. Since picking up a camera I see the world from a different perspective. It has enriched my soul and calmed my spirit. Photography has opened many new doors in my life and the adventure continues to grow. This has truly touched my heart and I am grateful."
Michael W.

Anouschka R. (ar)
    The Netherlands
Anouschka is a professional photographer specializing in weddings, studio portraits, and candids. She and her husband Raymond reside in The Netherlands with their 2 Cairn Terriers Indy and Keira.
She writes, "Photography has been my passion ever since childhood. My granddad was always busy with his camera and darkroom. My dad also always carried a camera around during holidays. Travel photography and photographing people and animals are my favourite. In 2003 I followed a course at the Fotovakschool. I've worked with Canon equipment for years and for a year and a half I have fully switched to digital."
Anouschka R.

Mark V. (mv)
    California, USA
Mark created and manages PixArtWeb and currently provides website, photographic, and graphic arts design services to individuals, businesses, and charitable organizations. He also serves as a computer hardware and software engineering consultant for several corporate clients. Educated as a mathematical physicist, he worked as a design engineer, VP, and then CEO at a medical device company for over 30 years before retiring in 2005 to pursue new interests.
"Having a hard science background might be considered anathema to one's artistic side, but I've always had a great love for fine art, photography, and creative expression. I've worked with computers for many years, and now that the arts have been touched by the digital realm it's finally possible for both the left- and right-brain to peaceably coexist."
Mark and his wife reside in California just North of Los Angeles.

Mark V

Past PixArtWeb Judges
Many thanks to our previous panel judges for their valuable contributions.
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Cora M.
Cora M.
    Missouri, USA
Loren M.
Loren M
    New Jersey, USA


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