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Thu, 16 Oct 2008 20:02:00 EDT
Post Processing-Zooming Notes

I'm still learning as I go with post processing so some of what I do is good and some not so good.Here's a collage of photo's with steps I applied in post processing for my entry Zooming Notes.
I enjoy looking in the city for scenes of urban decay, run down buildings, graffiti and wall art. I just find it interesting and sometimes moving. The music store where I took the photo below also had an interesting art mural painting that connected to the notes on the garage that I liked. I'll include it here in the post later.
Here are my steps on editing. The first picture is the original, a quick snapshot. nothing special and quite poorly framed actually. When I took this photo I didn't plan on using the cart in the frame but turned out I liked it very much so instead of the wall painting alone I included it when I cropped the photo.
#2- I cropped the image and rotated. Did some adjustments in exposure and levels
#3-I changed to black and white. Used selective color for the yellow on the cart.
Increased the radius and sharpness.
#4- It looked ok at this point but it just didn't have any impact in my opinion so I decided to add a zoom filter effect to make those notes pop and look semi 3-d with a shadow look to them. It softened the sharp edges on the right side of the image and gave it an appearance of the notes gravitating to the cart.
Added a dark gray vignette, a frame and signature.

Thank you for taking a look at my post here and for your comments on my photographs.
All comments, critiques or suggestions are always welcome :-)

"Zooming Notes" by westie4us

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Thu, 16 Oct 2008 20:15:21 EDT
Re: -Zooming Notes-Music man

This is the beginning of the mural that wraps around the whole building. It starts with this man on a bike playing notes and the musical notes are carried to the next wall getting bigger and bigger.The colors are bright and eye catching in person. Too bad I had a shadow from the telephone pole in the shot.:-/ Making note to retake on another day.

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