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Wed, 12 Nov 2008 3:48:08 EST
Judging Photo's

Mark I know that Anouschka and Sarah have recently had changes in their lives to prevent them giving up time for Pixartweb but of the 5 judges you seem to be the only one making any effort to review the pics uploaded by members at the moment.

What happened to Loren and Cora?

Whilst your comments are greatly appreciated it's getting a bit one sided!

Wed, 12 Nov 2008 13:30:13 EST
Re: Judging Photo's

PixArtWeb is a place where emerging or working artists and photographers can show their work, have it constructively critiqued, and learn from professionals how to improve their technique.
Our panel of judges will rate your photos and you can post questions or comments in our online forum
Jewels brings up my question too. The quotes above from the homepage are what I like about this website so I do hope we see more from all the judges again and get their comments, reviews and critiques. We are fortunate to have professional photographers judge our photos and I appreciate it! I do hope that they will be more active soon.
So far I have learn a lot here and enjoy this website. A big thank you for helping me with all my forum questions Mark and giving us a place to learn and share our passion for photography!

Wed, 12 Nov 2008 14:25:18 EST
About our judges

Thanks for your comments!

You're correct that several of our judges have recently been unable to post reviews. Indeed, for personal reasons two judges are presently inactive.

All of our judges are volunteers and it can be very difficult finding time to regularly monitor the galleries and to review every new submission in a timely manner.

I'm hoping to add one or more new judges in the near future, so watch this space :-)

In the meantime, keep snapping away. It's gratifying to watch our active members pursue and improve their photographic skills!

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